Warranty conditions

General information

Bionic Bird is warranted against the defects of manufacture. We commit ourselves repairing or to replace every defective produced, under certain conditions described hereafter :

Warranty conditions

This warranty covers the new products which do not work properly whatever the tunings or the instructions received to make it work, in particular by applying to the letter the instructions of the manual, and in spite of the use of new and functional batteries of the type indicated. It covers also the use, in the normal conditions, throughout 30 day after the purchase, except for external the element or wearing parts exposed to the shocks. It does not cover the broken or damaged products by accident, or voluntary, during their use, or their handling.

Repair conditions

  1. Contact our customer support : contact@mybionicbird.com
    If you have a problem with your product and if you think that it needs to be repaired, please contact our customer support. This is the first step of the procedure for returning the products. Once the customer support determines if your product with indeed need to be repaired or replace, it will indicate the next steps to you to be followed.
  2. Refusal of product return
    Every product sent to XTIM, not having a authorization number of RMA clearly written on the box will be refused. XTIM will not take in charges the expenses of sending and return of the product. Only XTIM and its subsidiaries are entitled to provide you a authorization number of valid RMA.

Important note

  1. Need for the original of the receipt/invoice
    You must include the original of the receipt or the invoice when you send the product back for repair. We recommend to you to keep copy of it for your file. The original of the receipt or the invoice will be returned to you together with the repaired product. The lack of the original of the receipt or the invoice may involve serious delays in the return of your product, or may place your product in out of guarantee statute.
  2. Packing and sending
    When you send a product or accessory for repair or replacement, we recommend to you to pack it well so that it is not damaged during transport. XTIM is not responsible for the products arriving deteriorated because of an unsuitable packing. We recommend to you to choose a mode of sending and an insurance in consequence.