Bionic Bird

Bionic Bird

bionic bird

New product

  • Premium Bionic Bird box:
  • 1 bird ready to fly
  • 1 QR code card to download the free app
  • 1 egg (portable charger) to charge quickly the bird everywhere you want
  • 2 spare wings
  • 1 packet of aluminium weights to balance the wings
  • 1 USB cord to charge the egg

The drone that caught the attention of high-tech specialists all around the world is here!

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99,00 € tax incl.


Bionic Bird offers a unique sensory experience – flying like a bird… With other birds! Bionic Bird’s power of attraction among sparrows and swallows creates a celestial dance that no drone pilot has ever seen before. But watch out! Bionic Bird also catches the eye of predators such as hawks that won’t hesitate to attack. Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about damage owing to its ultra robust body. Bionic Bird can also fly indoors if its tail is set to slow mode. In an enclosed space, it’s possible to perform acrobatic moves using just your fingertips. But beware, these lively tricks and manoeuvres have a tendency to put even the laziest of cats into an excited frenzy! This is also a great time to practice the subtleties of Bionic Bird’s steering from the comfort of your sofa.

Enjoy your flight!

Weight 0,91 kg
Dimensions 36.5 x 21 x 7.5 cm


BB manuel en Français (app V1)

Manuel détaillé pour Bionic Bird avec The Flying App V1

Download (1.06M)

BB english manual (app V1)

Full instructions for Bionic Bird with The Flying App V1

Download (1.04M)

BB Manuel en français (app v2)

Le manuel détaillé du Bionic Bird pour The Flying App V2.0

Download (1.18M)

BB english manual (app V2)

Detailed instructions to use Bionic Bird with The Flying App V2.0

Download (1.18M)